Whistler Vacation Rental Management

Whistler Property Management for Vacation Rentals

Whistler Resort is home to dozens of property management and accommodation rental companies

Services offered by Whistler property managers include:

  • in-person sales and marketing
  • website marketing
  • taking reservations
  • collecting rental deposits
  • check-in, check-out
  • housekeeping &  cleaning
  • maintenance & renovations
  • security

Some property managers allow Whistler home owners to pick and choose from these services, some don’t.

If a Whistler property manager’s services or pricing sound too good to be true, they probably are.

Over the years, Whistler has seen many property management companies come and go. Usually, the new managers on the street charge low prices to get a piece of the market. As their growth outstrips bookings, service declines, and the owners and managers of the company burn out.

Some companies close down while many others get swallowed up and merged with larger property managers. Generally speaking, service levels and owner satisfaction change through mergers and aquisitions.

There are vacation rental management rules and regulations in the industry, but not much enforcement. The legal climate has changed since the 90’s, however history has proven…

“It is possible for dishonest Whistler property managers to take thousands of dollars in rental deposits and skip town.  In this case both the owner and vacation renter lose their rent. A heavy hit on the home owner’s bank account. In addition, any time a vacation renter gets scammed it reflects poorly on Whistler Resort…”

If you own a place in Whistler Resort, consider managing your own property. There are websites for advertising your Whistler rental to potential guests from all over the world. It is much easier to do owner-direct vacation rentals with current technology than it ever was with print advertising, paper availability calendars, and communicating by land line telephones. For Whistler vacation rentals by owner we recommend ResortAc.com.

About WhistlerPropertyManagement.com & Our Network of Busy Whistler Websites

ResortAc.com Network  and our arsenal of Whistler vacation rental websites are the brainchild of Troy Assaly. Troy was working in the Whistler travel trade when the Internet was invented and instantly saw the potential for marketing Whistler vacation rentals to the world… that was back in the mid-90’s.

Troy Assaly Owner ResortAccom

Troy Assaly Owner ResortAc.com Network

Articles About Troy Assaly:

Globe & Mail Technology

Backbone Magazine

Troy started out with an entrepreneurial flare, running several businesses while in high school and for two years after graduation. He then completed a four-year Commerce Degree, majoring in Marketing and Computers, from the University of British Columbia. He has held several management positions since, including Hudson’s Bay Co., Sunkist Growers Inc., Blackcomb Mountain, Canadian Snowmobile & ATV Adventures, and Eagle Tours. When he’s not working on Whistler websites, Troy will be found exploring by mountain bike, skis, or boat with his friends & family.


“Please check out our Whistler websites to get a feel for how we market Whistler rentals & contact us here with any questions or if you need help with anything Whistler…”


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