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An Insider’s Guide to Whistler Accommodations.

Ski In Ski Out in Winter. Golf Course or Mountain View in Summer.

Whistler Trail Map PhotoIf you’ve spent any time researching Whistler accommodations, you know you have an overwhelming number of choices to make.

Should you book a hotel or a chalet?

Should you stay close to the action or somewhere more serene?

Should you walk or take public transportation to the slopes?

Let’s make it easy by breaking it down into steps.

First let’s look at whether to book a Whistler hotel or chalet.

Whistler Log Cabin Photo

Book a Vacation Rental Chalet, Not a Hotel Room.

Vacation rentals are becoming savvy travellers’ first choice for accommodations, and for good reason.

The average vacation rental charges around the same price you would pay for a couple low- to mid-range hotel rooms. However, with a vacation rental, everyone can stay together, you get the luxury of an entire house, and you can save a little money by cooking a few meals yourself.

In Whistler, in particular, vacation rentals also offer more charm and comfort than a traditional hotel or lodge. Imagine going back to a cookie-cutter hotel room after a long day on the slopes. There’s no fireplace, you have to lock up your gear, and if you want to hang out together, you have to do so in the common area with all the other guests.

In a vacation rental, you have your own fire, a hot tub, a private space to store your gear, and a spacious lounge area where everyone can sip hot chocolate together while reliving the day’s adventures.

ResortAc.com presents more than 50 Whistler vacation rental owners, and our weight in the Whistler community allows us to offer incredible benefits to our guests, like discounted lift tickets and personal concierge services. We’re also available to answer any questions, and you can trust that when you rent from www.ResortAc.com, you’ll get what you see online. Scam-free guaranteed.

Of course, you will definitely want to pick the best Whistler location for your vacation rental. There are many neighbourhoods in Whistler, each with it’s own unique set of pros and cons. It pays to know where you are renting, before making your reservations, and especially before your arrival in Whistler Resort.

Check out our Whistler Accommodation Guide for more Insider’s Tips and detailed maps. Make sure you find the best accommodation for your group and make your next visit to Whistler the very best.

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Remember to check out our Whistler Accommodation Guide for more Insider’s Tips and detailed maps. Make sure you find the best accommodation for your group by selecting from our Scam Free Whistler Vacation Rentals here…

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September 30, 2015


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